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Copywriting - what is copywriter - esto leads lead generator machine
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As a company, businessmen are more likely to look for a content writer who will help them with blogs, articles, podcasts, ebooks and much more. However, all these articles are too lengthy and are avoided at times when people are in rush. Then what is the alternative for this? Writing shorter blogs? definitely no! The answer is by investing in copywriting articles and newsletters for the company.

Copywriting - what is copywriting - esto leads lead generator machine
Image Courtesy – Pexels

What is Copywriting? 

Many people are often confused between the terms copywriting and copying. They tend to assume that copywriting is copying the data. However, they aren’t completely wrong but partially correct. 

Copywriting and copying do not have any particular relation in general. Copying is making a copy of someone else’s data whereas copywriting is legally using the content to curate completely new content. 

Copywriting is the process of writing a copy of the articles, blogs or keywords available on websites and other pages in the form of a copy (basically CTA), convincing people to buy the products and services of your company. It is like making a copy of the existing details with fewer words. For instance; Billboards, Magazines, etc. 

Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing the text for advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.


Writing - What does a copywriter do esto leads lead generator machine
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What is a Copywriter?

Since copywriting is putting the given detailed description into a comparatively smaller size data to attract sales, a copywriter is not less than a salesperson of the company. The difference is that they don’t go out to convert prospects. Instead, they analyse the data and come up with attractive compositions to bring in new sales.

Most copywriters work on data that is to be sent through emails and Instagram posts and accordingly curate small descriptions about the product or services provided by the company.

What is the difference between a Copywriter and a Content Writer? 

As per the details mentioned above, it looks like a copywriter is similar to a content writer. However, they are two different roles and profiles. The main aim of a content writer is to grab the audience attention through blogs on the website, thereby making them aware of the product company and so on. There isn’t much of a compulsion on content writers to get in conversions through blogs as it might take them a while to create a base. 

On the other hand, copywriters are the ones who with the details provided in the blog come up with shorten descriptions. The main aim of a copywriter is to increase sales. They put in a catchy line to drive sales. Mostly the details by a copywriter and used by companies in emails and social media posts. 

The topics of a copywriter and a content writer vary to a large extent at times. A content writer can write on multiple topics which are related to the business directly or indirectly. But the copywriter has to strictly adhere to the details of the company and its products and services. 

Writing - What does a copywriter do esto leads lead generator machine
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What does a Copywriter do? 

A copywriter creates copies for the consumers and the audience on different platforms like emails, social media,  advertisements, billboards, flyers and much more. It includes writing as well as a marketing aspect, thereby writing the articles keeping in mind the marketing point of view. 

The main objective of a copywriter is to do thorough research about a given product or a topic and find out ways through which the data can be presented in front of the customers and general the consumer market. Along with this, the copywriter must write data in such a way that the data is addressing the audience and can relate to them. 

What skills are required to become a copywriter? 

The most important and basic skill required to become a copywriter is writing. Although by writing we do not mean that writing long blogs and framing one sentence in multiple ways to lengthen the blog or the article. As discussed, a copywriter has to analyse and shorten the data to fit it in emails or templates. So the important skill of a copywriter is to write data that is attractive and gets in sales. 

Apart from these the other basic skills required are grammar and punctuation. Punctuation marks play an important role as it helps focus and catches the eye of people. Another important skill is to write for the audience and not for yourself. The articles should be in such a way that the audience relates to them in multiple ways. 

Lastly, an important skill for a copywriter is research. The main work of a copywriter is not just to analyse the data but also to research the public preferences and latest trends so as to incorporate them in the articles or data written by them.

Writing - What does a copywriter do esto leads lead generator machine
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Copywriters and heir work cannot be underestimated in any sense as they are the back bone of the promotional activities done by an organisation like writing email copywrites or social media copywrites so the task of a copywriter is irreplaceable. The tasks done by them look pretty simple but the level of difficult in the task is high since the content curated by them will be the display of the company and the company will be known based on the content they deliver through emails and social media.

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