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Product Launch Email Sequence

Out of all the important things to be kept in mind while launching a new product the two most important things to be taken care of are the timing and promotion of the new products, and many times these are the two most neglected things. 

Who doesn’t want their products to be known and used by everyone? But how do you promote your product? You definitely might not prefer spending lakhs just to get your product on television if you are new in the market or a small business! 

If you are launching a new product the best way to promote a product before it is actually launched is through creating hype through emails. 

Email is the best digital marketing tool used to contact prospects and other companies and buyers. Sending emails about your product can generate a good amount of hype for your product and also reduces the chances of your product failing. 

What is a Product Launch Email? 

A product launch email is the one you send to your prospect and other audience in your email list to tell them about your new product. It includes the description of the new product and its benefits along with a link urging the person on the other end to buy it. But you cannot just go around sending random emails to people. There are a few steps you should follow to reach your target. 

A product launch mail cannot be too simple and straightforward or else people won’t bother much to read about it. To get the required attention and hype for your product there are a few things which you should keep in mind. The types of  product launch email you should send your customers. Let us have a look at each one of these one by one. 

  • The product teaser email
  • The pre-launch email
  • The launch email
  • The post-launch email

Types of Product Launch Email 

  1. The Product Teaser Email

According to a recent study of human psychology, people tend to become curious when you leave a story incomplete or at a  turning  point, which is why they try to know more about it. 

The product teaser email is sent to your customers when you are in the planning phase of the forum of your  product. Not in the very initial stages but when you have completed 70-80% of our product details. This email includes only 5-6 lines about the product. Avoid sending big mails in this case because this is just a teaser email.

The teaser emails are sent to create curiosity among the people about a certain product which is new in the market. You can also mention the month of release but do not mention the dates because just in case of any delay in launch people will lose interest in your product. Mentioning too many details can make people who are not interested in your product lose interest and might result in the hype falling. 

  1. The Pre-launch email

The name, Pre-launch email, itself is quite self explanatory which is why, there is nothing much about this email, it is sent to all your audience and includes points like product description  and benefits and much more about the product. It is similar to the theme reveal message sent by any college to its volunteers before the fest. It includes a detailed description with the name and the exact date of launch. You can also add other details like country and time of launch.

Along with this you can also add a link and maybe a discounted coupon just in case anyone wants to make a pre launch booking. Making pre launch bookings available will help you promote your product through mouth publicity which is a great advantage before launch. You can send this mail a week before the actual launch.

Product Launch Email - Esto Leads - Lead Generating Machine
Image Courtesy – Unsplash
  1. The Launch email

The launch email is sent on the day of the launch and is a detailed mail. Since you have already mentioned the details in the previous email you need not write it again, but you can still preferably mention it just in case anyone missed the previous emails. The launch email includes details like websites where the product is available, price and other details. You can also mention the number of pre bookings so people will more likely buy your product. 

In case you want to attract more audience you can keep an offer for people who buy through a particular website so you tend to increase sales of your company. Keep in mind that this is a last option to tell people your product details so try being specific but not too lengthy.

  1. The post launch email

How will you keep your customers updated with the recent changes and updates in your product? This is when you can send them an email with all these details. The post launch email includes all the changes and updates that have taken place in the product. This email is short which also includes a link to all the testimonials. If you don’t wish to show the testimonials you could add lines about the number of buyers of the products, ratings or any discounts you would like to give to your customers. 

You can also add a link for people to give feedback or suggestions regarding the product design or usage or anything in general related to the product. This can also be considered as a CTa for your mail. 

Few points to consider while sending Product launch emails.

  • Follow the sequence: Make sure you follow the order and the pattern of the product launch email. Make sure you are not sharing excessive information before the launch. 
  • Add a CTA: Your product  launch emails should include a CTA at the end so the customers know exactly what is to be done after reading the mail. 
  • Warm up your email: Keep in mind that the email address you are going to send your emails through is warm enough to send bulk emails. If your email is not warm your mail might end up landing in the spam folder. With the help of best lead generation tools by Esto Leads – Lead generator machine you can warm up your email addresses before sending the emails to avoid ending up in a spam folder.
  • Target the right audience: You should choose your audience wisely. Sending emails to people who are least likely to become potential customers can be a waste of time and effort and at times can also result in people being annoyed and giving bad reviews. With the help of b2b lead generation tools like Esto Leads – lead generation machine get the best b2b leads for your audience. 
Product Launch Email - Esto Leads - Lead Generating Machine
Image Courtesy – Unsplash


As a company who is about to make a new product launch make sure you do not just stick to emails and use other digital marketing platforms like social media marketing, content marketing and influencer marketing to get your product a wider reach. Product launch emails can be one of the best ways to promote a product. Sending personalised emails to your prospects can be like a cherry on top of a cake. With the help of Esto Leads you can send personalised mails in bulk to all your customers making them feel special and valued. 

Apart from this, you can give your active customers who visit your website for the first time or even often a better experience with the use of automated Chatbots by Estolesads – Lead Generating machine and be available for your customers anytime. 

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