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Nowadays when everything in the corporate world is changing and companies are constantly undergoing changes, just running a business is not important. At times business me run a business without knowing the actual value of the business. In such cases having wrong guess or assumptions about the company valuation can result into problems faced by the company since the decisions taken on those basis can later affect the company in multiple way. It is important that everyone gets their business/company valued to get a better understanding of the company. 

What is Business Valuation? 

Accordingly to Wikipedia

In finance, valuation is the process of determining the present value of an asset. Valuations can be done on assets or on liabilities.

Meaning of Business Valuation: It is the process of finding the actual worth (value) of the business or a part of the company. It is valued for multiple reasons but the process for valuation remains the same. It helps estimate the business value and can be used at times when the company is included like taxes, sales, exhibitions or even separation. 

Why is Business Valuation Important?

As mentioned previously just running the business is not impodtant but one should also know about the valuation of their business. For instance if a business man thinks his business valuation is 10 crores but in reality it is only 3 crores, that is when the company can face problems because of unplanned techniques and strategies. Let us have a look at importance of valuation of business

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  • Litigation or Dissolution 

In case of separation or divorce or any other case where the company is involved it is important to show the valuation of your business to the court of law. This is done so that the case can be resolved or during separation both parties can receive an accurate amount of money on behalf of the company. 

  • Shares or Investments

It is necessary for yhe consumers to known your business valuation if they are planning to buy or invest in the shares of your comapng. Showing them the business valuation is crucial as it helps attract investors. Apart from this valuation of business is important for the existing set of consumers too. When ptovided with a business valuation the chances of getting into arguements with the others can be avoided. Lastly, it helps you decide your company share price based on the valuation of your business. 

  • Buying and Selling of Businesses 

Although the buying and selling of firms is done by looking after the market share of the business but in reality there are multiple things that need to be considered while buying and selling one of which is valuation of business. As per ghe example discussed previously, most of the companions can be scameed which is why valuation of business is improving. And anout the buying and selling, it seems pretty easy. 

Business - Importance of valuation of business - Esto leads - lead generator machine
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  • Asset Valuation 

It is important for every businessman to know the value of the assets of the company. Asset valuation helps a businessman sell shares and also indulge in investments and know the lifespan of the asset. Valuation of the business helps the company identify the assets and liabilities of the company and thereby helps the businessman come up with strategies to work on the drawbacks if any. Along with this it gives an over view of the company for further investments and returns. 

  • Borrowings and loans

Loans are offered when you provide the banks with a confirmed value of your assets. When borrowing loan for a company, valuation of companies plays an important role as it makes the work easier and quicker since the documents are verified and hold  the value of the over all company assets. It is usually required when approaching a bank for loans or negotiation. These documents are required by the creditor, as a sign of assurance that you are capable enough to pay back the loan. 

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Valuation of the business is important as it helps you get a better and deeper understanding of your business and also prepares you for future goals and unsee circumstances. Having a good valuation makes you confident and improves your risk taking ability. Valuation of business in current times helps you stand your competitors and determine your worth and value. It also increases the trust of the consumer sin your company and tend to increase sales volume indirectly.

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