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How to write an email newsletter?

According to an article published by Zistemo, Almost 90% of people are email users out of which 62% of people use it on a daily basis. But does an inbox only include work and business-related mails? There’s a lot more in an inbox than just work mails. An inbox includes all sorts of emails a company sends to its prospects to convert them into potential customers. There are different types of emails to send to your customers, one such email is an email newsletter. 

What is an email newsletter?

An email newsletter is a series of indirect promotional emails you send your customers. These include various information like product upgrades of your company or general information about a particular topic. Email newsletters are sent to people who voluntarily subscribe to your e-newsletters through your website. 

Various topics are discussed through a newsletter and companies put forth their points regarding a particular topic to their customers. There are many types of email newsletters but the first step towards starting an email newsletter is to figure out which type of newsletter you should go ahead with. Although the format and pattern to be followed for each of them is similar, your email newsletter should be such that people are curious to open it. 

Here are a few tips about how to write an email newsletter.

newsletter - How to write an email newsletter - Esto Leads - Lead generator machine
Image Courtesy: Unsplash
  1. Keep it short 

Although email newsletters are quite informative make sure that you keep them short and simple. Your email newsletter should revolve around a particular topic that interests the reader and is easy to grasp. Your emails shouldn’t be lengthy which bore the customers. An advantage of short email newsletters is that the reader is excited about that particular topic’s next edition. 

  1. Avoid mixing sales 

People who have signed for your newsletter are truly interested in the content you share. In such cases mixing newsletters with sales might be a wrong decision as it might lose the interest of the customer. Instead, use the email newsletter as a medium of promotion of your company through good content marketing. However, at times you can still send in offers and discounts indirectly through newsletters. 

  1. Providing customised options 

As a company, you might be specialised in a few sectors for which people eagerly visit your website. They wish to read content related to that particular topic. This is when you give them the option to choose the email newsletter they wish to receive. Your company might be writing topics from different sectors but sending emails to people who are not much interested in the mail you send them can result in people unsubscribing to your newsletter.

  1. Maintaining a CTA

When it comes to email newsletters, it is considered an indirect way of promoting a company. Although you can never directly mention product sales you can definitely write content that connects to your industry and products. Keeping a call to action at the end of every email newsletter can help promote the company. Mentioning a CTA also allows you to suggest new things to your customers and readers. If you don’t want to mention your products directly, you can mention the other blogs and contents on your website so the readers will visit the website and thereby glance through your products and services. It is important to keep a constant CTA that is beneficial to your company like browsing websites, reading other blogs, or making a purchase. 

  1. Consistency and continuity 

As a company that sends email newsletters, you should keep in mind that you need to be consistent and continue the process until you decide to declare it. Here, consistency doesn’t mean sending emails every day but deciding a few days from the week. Companies aren’t sources of recent information to keep up the public with recent trends in the industry but instead are means to give public opinions and discuss ideas. So sending emails every day is not a compulsion but giving prior dates can turn out to be beneficial. 

  1. Use of A/B marketing technique

Another way for companies to check which email newsletter worked for them is through using the A/B testing method wherein you send 2-3 different newsletters to different people and check which one brings the most engagement. With the help of these techniques, the companies can write different newsletters or change the set of email addresses for a particular newsletter to bring in audience engagement and attract them. 

  1. Touch of personalisation 

As a company when you invite prospects to be a part of your family, you should make sure that you are making them feel warm and welcomed. This is when personalised mails walk in and take charge. Sending a personalised mail to your readers or prospects who are most likely to be converted into potential customers will make them feel valued, which is why giving a personalised touch to your mail is important. With the help of the best lead generation tools like Esto Leads – lead Generator Machine you can send in personalised emails to all your email addresses in bulk within minutes and turn your prospects into loyal customers. 

  1. Creative Templates and subject lines

To get the audience to engage with your email newsletter it is important that they open your emails. Considering the competition in today’s world it is difficult for prospects to spot your email from all the other emails. In such cases getting creative with your emails and subject lines can work wonders. This is like attracting customers with fancy stuff. Writing creative subject lines and making attractive templates will urge people to open your email newsletter and go through, which is why companies should work on templates and subject lines. 

  1. Unsubscribing to your email newsletter

Although it might feel bad, you should give your customers the option to unsubscribe to your email newsletter at the end of the email so that your customers know they have complete freedom to sign in and sign out at any time. Make sure that the button is easily accessible in the mail and is not hidden somewhere in the corner. As a firm, you will try your best to look after the reader’s requirements and interests, but sometimes letting go will help you make room for new customers. 

With the help of these points, you can write interactive content for your email newsletter and increase your email newsletter subscribers.

newsletter - How to write an email newsletter - Esto Leads - Lead generator machine
Image Courtesy: Unsplash


Email newsletters are an indirect way of promotion for a company but before you start an email newsletter it is important for you to decide the CTA and the goal. Whether you want people to read other blogs or purchase from your online store it is important to finalise the goal. At times people might not respond to your email newsletter, at such times you should keep in mind that it’s okay to remove a few emails from the list to make room for new customers. 

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