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In the era of a tech-savvy generation wherever most are into digital platforms sorting out reliable details in general, email plays a {very important} reliable communication supply from people. Emails are sent by virtually everybody and play a crucial role particularly in firms and different places. In general, once a corporation tries to speculate in digital promoting the very very first thing that comes while endeavor digital activities is sending out emails. Email marketing plays an important role but however does one contact numerous recipients at identical time. Drafting so many emails could be a very tedious task. However, it is currently attainable with the assistance of the choice of sending emails through gmail.

What is Mail Merge?

Mail Merge for Gmail is built for sending personalised emails to recipients in Bulk. Mail Merge is a popular feature of Microsoft Outlook. Mail Merge for Gmail enables you to ship customized messages to at least one or extra e-mail recipients. You can prepare a single template or draft body and using the email list send it to all your recipients. Once you set up a mail merger with your Gmail it will send out an email to everyone present in the list or those you have selected for. 

The format for sending emails remains the same but with the help of Mail Merge the work becomes faster and much more convenient for companies with a bigger email list. 

Mail Merge with Gmail. 

The very first step to moving ahead with sending mass emails is to get set up with the tool – mail merge. To set up the mail merge you can either connect it with the add-ons to your google account or in case you handle a G-suit or own one you can directly connect it to the same. 

Once the settings are completed Gmail is ready to go with the sending of personalised mass emails. 

Just like the normal way of customizing emails head on to Google spreadsheet and click on Add-ons. You will see the tool mail merger present there. 

  • Click the create Merge template menu to open and use the blank mail merge template in your Google Spreadsheet. 
  • It contains columns that are personalised for all the email recipients. Basic details for personalised emails include Name, Email Address, and so on – however you’ll be able to add additional columns.
  • Click on Import Google Contacts menu to fetch any existing contact teams from Google Contacts into Mail Merge. 
  • This Consumes lesser time but  in case you aren’t having the required contacts in your Google contacts then you can additionally write the primary name, email addresses and different details of the recipients manually within the Mail Merge sheet.
  • If you want to feature distinctive attachments for your recipients, you’ll be able to add them in the File Attachments column. Head to Google Drive, right-click a file and opt for Get Link to repeat the address of that file that may paste into the sheet. you’ll be able to embody multiples files too however bear in mind that the file URLs will be separated only by a comma
  • After you run mail merge, it’ll send all the mails immediately. However, you furthermore may have an choice to schedule emails and also the program will mechanically send them later depending upon the required time if any. 
  • In case you wish to schedule the email go to the date column and insert the required date and time for the email to be sent. The format for this is dd/mm/yyyy
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How to send in personalised emails without mail merge

Even though Gmail is a great and reliable platform for people to receive emails with the utmost protection of spam emails not ending up in the inbox it also has certain drawbacks. With Gmail, a company can send only 2000 emails a day to all the recipients. Post that the emails will show failure in sending. 

Although the limit is suitable for small or moderate size businesses, but for businesses that are run on a bigger scale this might not be a suitable option since there are thousands of recipients lined up every day. 

In such a case using an email tool to send in personalised emails is a great option and with the help of Esto Leads- Lead generator machine you can now send personalised emails in bulk to all your recipients in your email list. Esto Leads allows you to personalise and schedule your email and thereby create a good impression in front of your prospects and current consumers. 

Esto leads provides you with a wide set of databases and helps you find b2b leads for your business. It provides you with a list of prospects who can be converted into potential customers through the lead generation funnel. Apart from all this, it is always wise for companies to have an email marketing tool. 

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Email advertising is important for any organisation might also additionally it be large or small. However, it isn’t viable to make a team woek day and night time simply in the back of emails. With the assist of gmail or a e mail device like Esto leads one could ship personalized emails to the recepients are get the target target market interest and putforth a higher impression. Along with this it additionally reduces the time and helps you to time table emails as consistent with your desired time table