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Email - How to send bulk email in Gmail - Esto Leads - Lead Generator Machine
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How to send bulk email from Gmail – Types of Methods

According to stats shown by Internet Live stat, almost 2.7 million emails are sent every second. This clearly depicts an increase in the use of emails over the years. With the widespread use of the internet and social media, email has gained importance. Almost everyone from a teen to an adult uses email, which is considered the main source of business communication in a professional manner. There are many search engines available which provide email service like google, yahoo, outlook, Microsoft bing, etc.

Out of all of these, Gmail is the most used search engine which also provides great tools for mailing. Email marketing helps businesses establish contact with their customers and thereby update them with recent upgrades and technologies. However, it might get difficult to get in touch with each one of them by sending individual emails. This is when Google workspace steps in. 

How to send mass emails with Gmail using Google Contacts

Do people often wonder about how to send bulk emails from Gmail? If you have similar queries then let me tell you, this article is exactly what you are looking for. Gmail has eased the work of sending emails in bulk with the help of various tools from the google workspace. One such tool by google workspace is Google contacts. With the help of Google contacts, one can send bulk emails all at once. 

Here are the steps to follow as to how to send bulk emails from Gmail?

Before you send an email from Gmail it is important to keep in mind that not all emails apply to all recipients. In such cases, you can create groups known as labels on Google Contacts which helps send emails only to the concerned prospects. Here is how you add email addresses in Google Contacts. 

Google Contacts - How to send bulk email in Gmail - Esto Leads - Lead Generator Machine
  1. Go to Google Contacts and create a label by clicking on ‘Create label’ in the left margin and name your label. 
  2. Click on ‘Create Contact’ in the top left corner and then click on ‘Create Multiple Contacts’. With the help of this you can add multiple contacts all at one by adding their email addresses, instead of creating one contact at a time. 
  3. Make sure you select the label in the top, it helps you add contacts in that particular label. 

With the help of these simple steps, you can add your contacts to Google Contacts. You can also add a particular email address in multiple labels. Now that we have an email list ready with Google contacts we can go ahead with a mass email with the help of Gmail. 

There are two ways through which you can carry out bulk emailing with Gmail, let us have a look at each one of them. 

  •  Directly through Google Contacts

In this method, you can directly send mails through the label present in Google contacts just by following these steps. 

Google Contacts - Esto Leads - Lead Generator Machine
  1. Click on the label you wish to send emails to and then select the contacts you want to send an email to from that list. 
  2. Click on the Email icon about the contact list. A new window similar to gmail shall be opened. Type in your email and fill out other details of the email and then send the email. 

With the help of these steps, you can send bulk emails from Google with the help of Google Contacts. 

  • Directly through Gmail 

This method can be followed when you want to send your emails directly through your Gmail. The most important thing here is an updated label on Google contacts. This method is similar to the usual emailing pattern. 

  1. Open Gmail and click on ‘Compose’ to create a new email. 
  2. Now, instead of typing in all the email addresses just simply mention the label name. With this all the contacts present in that particular label will be selected.
  3. Type the content of your email and send the email. The email will be delivered to everyone present in that label. 
Gmail - Esto Leads - Lead Generator Machine

With the help of this technique, you can send an email to everyone mentioned in the label. 

How to send bulk emails with Gmail using Google Sheets?

Along with Google contacts, there is another way through which one can send not just bulk emails but can also personalise them. For this technique, you need to use google sheets and a chrome extension (basic add-ons). The sheets help you to personalise the email and the chrome extension helps you connect your google docs with your google sheet. All you have to do is fill the google sheet with the required details and the mail shall be sent accordingly. 

  1. Open Google sheets and fill the personalised details like first name, last name, company, designation, personalised message (if any). 
  2. Click on Add-ons and select the particular chrome extension. 
  3. Once they are linked you can go ahead and send the email. 

Note: make sure the areas which need personalised details in the mail should be written in between two curly brackets. For instance, if you wish to say hello with their first name which is James, you should write it in the format: {{first name}}. With the help of this method, you can personalise all your emails. 

There are various chrome extensions like  Yet Another Mail Merge and Contact Monkey that help you send personalised emails. Apart from chrome extensions, there are various other email mergers available at google workspace like Mergo and mailmeteor which are available by Google workspace. You can install that particular google workspace app for free. 

Email - How to send bulk email in Gmail - Esto Leads - Lead Generator Machine
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The easiest way to send in personalised Emails

Gmail has a limit of approximately 1500-2000 emails a day. For startups and medium scale, firms Gmail and chrome extensions are a really good opportunity to reduce their expenses. However, startups and medium scale firms are most likely to have a wide range of customers after a while and thereby have an increase in their email address list.

Among all the above-mentioned methods to send mass emails through Gmail, there is another method through which you can send personalised emails at ease and your convenience. With the help of the best lead generator tool Esto Leads – Lead Generator Machine, you can send personalised emails to everyone in just a few minutes. Esto Leads does not have any limit on the number of emails sent every day by companies. Along with this Esto Leads also helps you find the email addresses of b2b lead generation. It gives a list of raw data which are more likely to be converted into potential sponsors. Apart from all of this, it is always better for firms to have an email marketing tool for their convenience. 

Now that you have come across so many email marketing tools to undertake mass emailing from Gmail, make sure you choose the one that best fits your firm try it out a few times to understand the process.

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