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Email - Future of Email Communication- Cold Email Templates Included - EstoLeads - Lead Generation Machine
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Future of Email Communication- Cold Email Templates Included

According to the internet live stats, which shows the number of activities taking place every minute of the internet, 2.8 million emails are sent every minute over the internet. According to a study people are to receive 15-20 emails a day on average, this can probably be the reason why people check their inbox so often. This is just a water droplet in the ocean of email. You can check more facts related to emails at ZeroBounce which has a bunch of facts related to emails. 

The first email was sent back in 1971 by the computer engineer Raymond Tomlinson. Although emails were not prevalent back then, it is now. 

Emails play a crucial role not just regarding receiving emails but in everything. Nowadays you need an email address for everything. Wish to open a new account, put in your email id. Forgot your password, put in your email id. Staying far away gets an invitation through mail. 

Although there have been many changes in emails over these years, especially in the format of the email, they have become quite brief over these years. 

Students have been learning about letter writing in school, its types, format, and almost everything about letters. But with the changing world, each one of us must learn about email writing. When it comes to things beyond our academic background we’ll notice emails are used everywhere.

Email - Future of Email Communication- Cold Email Templates Included - EstoLeads - Lead Generation Machine
Image Courtesy: Pexels

What is Cold Emailing?

Emails are most important at workplaces, where you get a new email address of your own through which you will contact people inside and outside the organization. 

These days retailers often send emails to their loyal customers or people who subscribe to their newsletter. Mails are important as they are one of the mediums through which you can contact prospects and customers with recent upgrades and changes.

Contact a prospect on behalf of your company as a SDR through mails are called Cold Emails. 

Here are a few Cold Email Templates that will help you send emails to people at the workplace and any legal entity. 

Cold Email Template 1: 3-Sentence Format

Hello [name],

I’m [Your name] from [company name], and I’m a [your profession]. 

We at [company name] have b2b lead generation tools related for startups, which we would love to share with you. 

Considering your busy schedule please let me know a time later this week to call you.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. 

Thanks and Regards,

[Your name]


Cold Email Template 2: Email to a Prospect

Hello [Name],

I’m [your name], a [your profession] and am sending you this mail on behalf of [company name]. 

We discovered your recent activity on our website and thought of sending you this mail as you have subscribed to our newsletter.

Here are a few resources based on your interests on our website:

  • [resource 1]
  • [resource 2] 

We also offer the best lead generation tools to all our customers . 

If you are interested, let us schedule a meeting. 

Please let me know the time for a call tomorrow as per your convenience. 

We would love to share our ideas with you. 

Thanks and Regards, 

[your name]


Cold Email Template 3: Direct to the point.

Hello [name],

You are leading a fast growing company, considering that I shall keep this brief. 

At [company name], we have great tools related to lead generation which can help you target the right audience and move things ahead in your company with ease. 

We have a wide set of tools ranging from the extraction of emails to preventing fake email registrations along with other tools like chatbots, review magnet and many more. 

Are you available this week to speak over a call for 15 minutes? Let us know the time at your convenience. We would love to assist you. 

Thanks and Regards,

[your name]

[your designation]

Cold Email Template 4: Emails including solution to problems

Hello [name],

Are you still facing issues finding leads for your company? Then I must say this mail is exactly for you. 

We at [company name] will help you generate leads within minutes. With our b2b lead generation tools, you can extract email addresses and send personalized emails in bulk to grab your customer’s attention. 

We would love to give you a free trial of the same. Please let us know a convenient time to discuss this in further detail over a call. 

Looking forward to hearing back from you. 

Thanks and Regards,

[your name]

[your designation].


1.  Make sure your mails are not too long as the reader might avoid reading or lose attention. 

2. While mailing, use an email ID that is warm and not a cold one. If you have a cold email Id you can warm it with the help of EstoLeads – Lead Generator Machine, so that your email doesn’t end up in the spam folder. 

Email - Future of Email Communication- Cold Email Templates Included - EstoLeads - Lead Generation Machine
Image Courtesy: Pexels

What is an Email Sequence?

Email sequence includes a set of emails that are sent to your target audience automatically after a certain period of time. Since these emails are sent automatically you can change the settings and schedule the mail as per your time. 

Email sequences are auto generated so they are based upon the customer’s activities on your website. 

There are 5 main types of email sequences:

  1. Welcome email sequence
  2. Onboarding email sequence
  3. Completion email sequence
  4. Repeat customer email sequence
  5. Re-engagement email sequence

To set an email sequence you need to have email addresses of your target audience and segregate them into proper groups. 

Future of Email Communication

With changing times we need to change ourselves and adapt to advanced technologies. Just the way people are using different social media platforms to get their business online, emails can be another way to reach out to your audience. Businesses have started using emails over hard copies of documents. 

Considering the future, there are a lot of things revolving around emails and keeping this in mind software developers are coming with new ways not just to extract emails but also to have a much more integrated software with the use of emails. 

The use of emails to connect with prospects has shown us a new way to get in touch with people without the use of contact numbers. 

There has been a massive increase in the use of emails to send feedback forms, drive links, resources, offers and discounts. This rise shows us how effective emails are.

Emails have now become shorter and sweeter and are preferred by everyone instead of writing long paragraphs. 

Considering all these points, the future of email communication is bright and advanced, and one definitely won’t find people switching to other substitutes over email at least for a decade or so. 


Email is the reason why digital platforms are gaining customers each and every day. People can start using their online platform online only by signing in to that particular search engine. There you go! With this, it is quite evident that the Future of Email communication is not ending that soon, for sure!

You can now get good leads for your online business with the help of EstoLeads – a lead Generator Machine. Not just that but go ahead and send personalised bulk emails, use chatbots and extract email addresses. 

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