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How can a company get people to know more about their business? Now a days anyone can promote themselves through digital marketing platforms but how should company do promotion as well as CSR together? In such cases companies take up the initiative to organise webinars for the people in general. This provides them with an opportunity to do a CSR activity as well as promote themselves directly by reaching out to people. But how does this help in promotion? Webinars not only help in promotion but also increase chances of conversion. A company can promote themselves by reaching out to prospects through emails included in the webinar email series. It works as a reminder for people and make them feel valued. It also help in conversion of prospects into customers. Let us see how it works with the help of the webinar email series and emails to include in webinar email series.

Emails to include in Webinar Email Series

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  • Registration Confirmatory email 

Registration Confirmation email or confirmation email in short is sent to the attendees who have filled the form and have successfully registered themselves for the webinar.

This is the very first email you send to your attendees so make sure it is not just confirmation but an invite or a warm greeting for them to attend the webinar. Along with the greetings, it should also include the description for the webinar especially the points which are important to know and the learnings from the webinar. 

Mention of the time, date and the chief guest plays an important role here even though the attendee is previously aware of it. You can also attach some extra details of the chief guest for the attendees to be ready with their questions if any. 

  • First Reminder Email 

These are similar to confirmation emails but more like a reminder. These emails are short and need not be too long since these are only reminders. Mention about the webinar date, time and topic along with the chief guest name since people attend multiple webinars so they might forget which webinar they have registered for. 

You can also add some facts about the topic or maybe some more information about the topic the host will be addressing. This helps make the attendees eager for the webinar.  The first reminder is to be sent 4-5 days before the webinar.

It is a sign of a formal gesture and shows that you are glad to have them attend the webinar. If your link for the webinar is ready you can add the link in the email too, this shows that you are well prepared in advance. 

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  • Second Reminder Email 

Since you have sent the first reminder before you are now aware of what is to be added to this email. This email is to be sent a day before the webinar with all the details of the webinar. 

The must-have points in this email are:

  1. Date and Time
  2. Mention of the topic 
  3. Chief Guest and their Designation
  4. Link of the Webinar 
  5. Add the details of the webinar (if required) 

You can also add a calendar in the email instead of just mention of the date and time as it looks more professional and also reminds them about the webinar making it easy and convenient for both you as well as the attendees.

Adding the details of the webinar can be beneficial because just in case someone has a busy schedule the next day they can try clearing up a little part if they find the topic of the webinar interesting. 

Make sure your email draft shows that you are eager to have them attend the webinar and not just sending out a random invite to the attendees. This email should be warm and a formal invite for the webinar. 

4. On-day Reminder/ Third Reminder

Finally, it is the day of the Webinar. The third reminder is the last one in the webinar series. This is to be sent on the day of the webinar and unlike other emails should be exciting. Keep it short and minimal with just the details but it should be exciting and enthusiastic. Probably should indulge the people to attend the webinar. 

Most of the time the content for all three reminders is similar but keep in mind that these aren’t emails but more like reminders so it is okay to have similar content. 

In this email, you have to include the final link for the webinar and the details like date and time (calendar would be preferable). 

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5.  Post Webinar email 

The webinar is successfully over without any problems or inconvenience to the guests or the attendees. Now is the time to thank your attendees for their contribution towards the webinar. 

Every webinar is successful because of the patience and enthusiasm of the attendees present in the webinar. So now is the time to thank them for their patience. This email is an appreciation email for all the attendees. Thank them for their time and co-operation. Along with them if you are providing any certificates or resources make sure you attach them along with the email. 

Along with all this, you obviously wish to know how they felt about the webinar. What were the takebacks and the likes and dislikes or just their opinion on the points mentioned by the guest. So go ahead and attach a feedback form for them so they can put forth their views.

However, try keeping the form short and sweet since people from corporate or academic backgrounds are often busy and might skip giving a review if they find the feedback form too long to fill.

6.  Upcoming Events and Webinar 

Now that you have completed with the event and the other things which are to be done post the webinar like feedback, resources and appreciation. It is time for another webinar. Since you know that they are your potential client and have previously attended the webinar it is important that they receive information and opportunity before the outsiders. 

If there are any upcoming events and webinars make sure to send them and email with a detailed description of the topic, the date and time, the chief guest and most importantly the registration link. 

This helps create a bond of trust with your webinars as well as your organisation and they tend to attend the webinars that interest or excite them. You can also add other details about your company and the founders, to make them realsie that the webinars are trustworthy and have alot of information to grasp in. 

Lastly, you can include a CTA in this email, thereby converting a prospect into a potential customer for your business. 

Webinar - Emails include in webinar email series - Esto Leads - Lead Generation Machine
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Even though all these emails sound fascinating think from the recipient’s point of view. Do not send emails every day, instead wait for a day or so before sending the next email. Another thing is that all these are reminder emails they need to be short with minimal body so that the recipient doesn’t read the same body again and again. Webinar series can definitely help you increase your email list and add new email addresses in the list. As a company keep conducting events for the public and try getting new registrations to fill in your list.

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