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Email - Does email marketing still work? - Esto Leads - Lead generator machine
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Does email marketing still work?

According to the 2021 email statistics, almost 91% of the companies which undertake b2b marketing use email marketing as a tool to promote and distribute content. This shows that emails have been an essential part of the marketing strategies undertaken by any company. 

What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is a process where a company sends emails to people who have signed for their newsletter and/or subscribed to them. This is a way through which companies tell people about the recent updates like posting of new blogs, the launch of new products or maybe a flash sale. Companies send mail to people in their email list who have voluntarily signed up for your emails.

Types of Marketing Emails:

  1. Newsletters 
  2. Announcements on Updates and Flash sales
  3. Promotional Emails
  4. Informative Emails

Over the years, email marketing has undergone various changes in the mail format and the process of marketing. With the help of new tools, email marketing has become one of the most prominently used marketing strategies. 

Does email marketing still work?

If your answer is yes then let me tell you, you are absolutely right. Gmail has approximately 460 million active users every day. Email marketing plays an important role when it comes to establishing contact with your customers. A lot of people hesitate to share their contact details which is why email ids can be the most reliable source of marketing. 

Although there are many more marketing strategies gaining attention from companies with the developments in the IT sector, email remains the prevalent one. In these years, conversions through email marketing have increased drastically. 

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, making people think twice before setting up email marketing campaigns. But these campaigns help increase the sales graph of a company with just a click!

Email - Does email marketing still work? - Esto Leads - Lead generator machine
Image Courtesy – Unsplash

Success through Email Marketing

The success of email marketing for a company depends upon how effectively they use the tool. But the positive effects of email marketing for a company can definitely be seen. There are many methods to do so but the easiest way is to check if your goals through your email campaigns are being completed.

If you are using your email marketing tool for let’s say flash sales then are you getting the expected sales through those campaigns, are people opening the emails you are sending them or are people actually opening the links in the email and making a purchase. These goals will help you decide whether email marketing is effective for your company. 

It doesn’t matter which sector your business belongs to, what matters is how you make use of email marketing. Any business can use emails, and companies that know the right use definitely benefit in the long run. 

Email marketing is approximately 50 years old but is still used by a wide audience. Even with the development of new marketing tools like Social media marketing, SEO and SEM, email has not lost its hold over digital marketing. As mentioned earlier, there are 460 million active users on Gmail, this shows that emails can provide companies with a wider reach of audience. But not necessarily all of them will subscribe to your email newsletter. This is when other tools come in and take charge. Companies should keep in mind that the use of other digital marketing tools is as important as email marketing. 

The recent updates in email marketing have helped it stay high up in the competition. It is not just a digital marketing tool but a way to contact them and update them about your company. All you gotta do is set up campaigns and wait for results. They are the most efficient and affordable way of marketing to increase brand loyalty and conversions. 

Effective Email Marketing strategies 

Before you start your email campaign, the most important thing is to find you the right set of the target audience. You can find your target audience and their email Ids through people who visit your website and sign up for your email newsletter or subscribe to your website. You can also get the email addresses of people who recently made a purchase from your online store. With this, you can get the perfect set of email address lists. 

In case you don’t have your perfect email address list you need not worry, with the help of email marketing tools by EstoLeads – Lead generator machine you can find the right lead with just a single click. You can access data that includes a huge set of email addresses according to your sector and requirements. 

This was just one of the email marketing tool, let us have a look at the other email marketing tools used by companies for email marketing. 

Email - Does email marketing still work? - Esto Leads - Lead generator machine
Image Courtesy – Unsplash

The use of Email Marketing tools

With the increase of almost all the companies using email marketing these days, what are the possible ways through which you can stand out and attract your audience? All you need is a few email marketing tools to set up your campaigns. Various email marketing tools extract email addresses, send emails in bulk, and warm-up email domains. 

EstoLeads – Lead Generation Machine is one such platform that provides its customers with the best lead generation tools like email finder, email extractor, email finder, and email campaigns. These campaigns help you send personalised emails in bulk to all your customers to make them feel special and valued. It also extracts emails in just a few minutes to give you the best raw leads to pass through your sales funnel. The use of these email marketing tools can prove to be a boon in your digital marketing strategies.

How to warm up your email domain?

Along with these tools, another thing to keep in mind is to warm up your email domain before its use. If your email domain is not warm, your email is most likely to end up in the spam folder. For some, it might take a long time to warm up their email domains. This is when you can use email warm-up tools like the one provided by EstoLeads, where you can get your email domains warmed up for further use. This avoids your mail getting dumped in the spam folder. 


Email marketing is used by a large audience, which clearly shows that it is an effective marketing tool and is not going to go extinct for another decade or so. Rather there will be much more changes in the way people use email marketing as a strategy. 

So as a company owner you should definitely implement this tool. You can further know more about the use and further of emails through our other blogs:

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