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Email Marketing - Different Types of Emails for Your Customers - Esto Leads - Lead generation tool
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Different types of emails to send your customers

Every time you go through your inbox do you come across hundreds of emails for the same company? What are all of them, Promotional mails? 

No, they are not exactly promotional mails.

Umm, let us say maybe to some extent. But they aren’t mailed directly promoting, instead, they are different types of informative mails sent by accompany to grab your attention to particular topics. 

According to a recent article published by Maropost on facts related to email marketing, 57% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes browsing marketing emails during the week. 

So why would a person spend 60 minutes of their valuable time reading promotional mails by a company? Because they are not exactly promotional mails, they are informative emails.

There are different types of emails a company can send to its customers.

  1. Newsletter emails
  2. Review request emails
  3. Welcome emails
  4. Special offer emails
  5. Product announcement emails
  6. Abandoned cart emails
  7. Milestone Email
  8. Confirmation Email

These are the different types of emails. Let us have a look at each of these types.

Email Marketing - Different Types of Emails for Your Customers - Esto Leads - Lead generation tool
Image Courtesy – Unsplash
  1. Newsletter Emails

If you are running an online store that also has newsletters you will see people are most likely to visit your website to sign up for the online newsletter. 

A newsletter is a mail sent by a company to the customers who sign up for the same. Newsletters are a form of informative emails which are preferred by many people.  A newsletter is a great opportunity for companies to connect with their prospects and share information you would like them to hear. 

Usually, a newsletter includes information related to a product. However, they aren’t promoted directly. A newsletter will mention all the points as to what a customer should follow and why a customer needs a particular product or service and then at the end mention the product. This is an indirect way of highlighting the unique points and benefits of your product. 

Every newsletter should always end with a CTA (call to action) which tells the customer that you can achieve that particular goal with our help. There is no limit as to how many newsletters you should send. You can send them daily, weekly or monthly, whichever is convenient for you.

  1. Review Request emails

According to a study, 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. People are most likely to browse through the website and check the reviews of a particular product or website before making a purchase, which makes online reviews an integral part of any website. 

Reviews are of a great deal for various reasons like building trust within the customers, getting 

honest feedback and also getting a chance to stand out from your competitors. 

Most of the time people voluntarily visit your website and review your products and experience, but another way to get reviews is through review requests. These are similar to review requests on LinkedIn but are sent through emails. You can send a review request email to a person who has recently made a purchase from your online or offline store. 

Another benefit of these review requests is that people trust your company and that you are not indulged in fake reviews through any means. Not just that but people also enjoy giving reviews, so take this as an opportunity to engage with your audience. 

  1. Welcome Email 

A welcome email is an email that is a warm greeting sent to the people who have recently subscribed to your website or signed up for your email newsletter.  A welcome email is a series of welcome emails with different information in each mail, introducing the company. 

The Welcome emails are filled with lots of information and offer for everyone. They are not sales based and do not promote any kind of product directly. They are sent to remind the customers about your brand and to get them to visit your website quite often. 

These emails are sent to the customers to give them an idea about their operating system and what one should expect from the company. It also attracts the customers and gives them an impression that the company is grateful to have them as their customers. Welcome emails are short and the series can include approximately 3-4 emails.

Email Marketing - Different Types of Emails for Your Customers - Esto Leads - Lead generation tool
Image Courtesy – Unsplash
  1. Special offer Email

Special offer emails are the ones that come under promotional mails. Companies include different offers, sales and discounts in these emails. These are most of the times used for flash sale purposes.

The reason behind these emails is to grab the audience’s attention and to increase sales. Companies also get a chance to empty their godown. Based on the customer’s preference and liking of a particular product you can send them personalised emails with offers on those products.

Special offer emails can also be undertaken during a particular season or occasion or on products that are in trend. With the help of these emails you can also mention a few lines about the product and its benefits and thereby make a sale. 

  1. Product announcement emails 

How do you bring to people’s attention your newly launched grand product? Television advertisement? Nah way too expensive. Then what is the simplest way to do so?

If your answer is email marketing then you are absolutely right! Product announcement emails are the best way to reach your audience and tell them about your product, it makes them feel valued and important. Also, by making announcements through emails you can give a product description which can be difficult on other platforms. 

Ideally there are 3 product announcement emails. 

  • The Teaser email
  • The launch email
  • The product launch update email

Making announcements through emails increases the chances of promotion and conversion rate of the particular product. 

  1. Abandoned cart email 

The name abandoned cart email is quite self-explanatory. Abandoned cart emails are sent to people who have filled their carts but have not completed the payment process. There can be many reasons as to why people abandon their carts like they found a substitute for the product, something else caught their attention or maybe they just didn’t wish to make a purchase. 

Whatever the reason may be, with the help of an abandoned cart email people are most likely to complete their purchase. It works as a reminder to all those who left their transaction incomplete. 

  1. Milestone Email

A milestone email is sent to your customer to tell them that you are thankful to them for your success. This will give them a sense of being valued. 

You can add your achievements to the list and also thank them for staying over this time. Giving them credits for your success will make them feel special and they will become your loyal customers over time. It also gives a sign that you are doing well in the business. As a token of appreciation, you can add an offer or deal for loyal customers and a feedback form if you want them to give you suggestions. 

  1. Confirmation email

This email is sent to those who have placed an order and have successfully completed the transaction. It is like confirmation about the order and that it will be received by this due date. It gives the customers a sense of security that they are not being cheated by anyone. 

Confirmation emails can be sent when

  • Someone subscribes to your newsletter
  • Someone makes a purchase
  • The product is being sent out for delivery.

Confirmation emails can also be used for suggesting other products. 

For instance, if someone bought cat food for their pet you could also suggest other products like a cat tree house, cat toys or even cat litter boxes. 

With this you can increase your sales and also get the audience to browse through other products on your website. 

Email Marketing - Different Types of Emails for Your Customers - Esto Leads - Lead generation tool
Image Courtesy – Unsplash

Importance of different types of emails.

A company should preferably use all types of emails to show their customers there is more than just sales from your company. All these are important when it comes to new customers or if you recently moved your store online due to the pandemic. All your new subscribers don’t know much about your company and its operating patterns, this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your company. 

Sending different types of mails helps your audience think that you have a lot to offer other than just promotions of your company, they feel valued and definitely get many reasons to visit your website quite often. 

One of the main things to keep in mind while sending emails is that you shouldn’t send too many emails. Although it all depends on the size of your company, ideally sending 3 -4 mails a week is enough to get your audience engaged in different stuff. 

Another important thing is that a company should focus on sending personalised emails. Personalised emails are 73% more likely to be opened by customers and give them a warm feeling every time they receive a notification. With the help of Esto Leads – Lead Generation tool you can send personalised emails in bulk to all your audience urging them to open your email. This will show that you care for your customers and are taking special efforts for them.


These emails also help you realise who your potential customers are in the near future and who is not based on the response to your emails and accordingly you can plan your next steps. At times it is better to just let go of a few email addresses to make space for the others. 

When it comes to sending emails you don’t need to worry much, with the help of Esto Leads – lead generation machine you can send in many mails at the same time, schedule it as per your convenience and also warm up your email addresses. It is really important for you to warm up 

your email addresses because you definitely don’t want your mail to end up in the spam folder. 

Apart from this, you can give your active customers who visit your website for the first time or even often a better experience with the use of automated Chatbots by Estolesads – Lead Generating machine and be available for your customers anytime. 

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