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It is often said that ‘First Impression is the Last impression’, and this is not just applicable for humans but for almost everything in general. as a businessman you would never want someone to have a bad first impression of your company or just leave the company without gathering enough information about the same. So what do you do in such a case? This can be solved by creating in a landing page. You can now create a landing page for your company too, where your viewers can just visit and check your overall company information.

What is a Landing Page? 

According to Oxford dictionary; 

‘A web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website.’ 

A landing page is a page on the website of the company where people land when they click on a link that is connected to your website. It is the first page they come across on your page. It is specially created for these purposes where people land on your website and get to know a little of the company details on that page itself. A landing page basically promotes the company directly. 

These pages are linked to the other pages of the company like social medi a platforms or emails and much more. These landing pages include the company info and a CTA. The landing page can differ based on the call to action. A single company can have multiple landing pages based on where the link is being attached. 

What is the purpose of the Landing Page?

The predominant cause of a landing web page is to inspire traffic to take motion. This motion is generally associated with lead technology or sales. You can use a landing web page, for example, asking people to sign up for a particular event conducted by the organisation or for the newsletter in general. 

The landing page guides the prospects and give them a glimpse of the website and the company on the landing page. The landing page can differ for different CTAs and places where the landing page is connected to. It serves as a medium through which companies can ask the prospects to complete the call to action. 

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Best landing page builders

Now that we are aware that landing pages are so important, it is time to make one landing page. But where do you start from? Don’t worry you don’t need to learn anything. With the help of these best landing page builders, you can curate amazing landing pages for your website

Wix is one of the most widely used landing page builders, especially for small businesses and startups. It provides you with a set of templates to make your landing page and also provides you with the option to customise your template as per your required design. 

It also provides tools for email marketing and social media platforms and can connect with multiple platforms like Google AdWords, Hubspot and other social media platforms.  

Lead page is among the simplest and easy to use landing page builders. A very less complicated page builder with various options and choices offered of predesigned templates. With these, one can prepare an eye-catchy and pleasing website within minutes. Leadpages features an immense choice of integrations, starting from analytics to email promoting to planning posts and campaigns.

Another tool offered by leadpages in the A/B testing tool. As we all know that not every draft formed will work for the customers. In such cases, with the help of Leadpages you can keep a check on the analytical results and conversions of CTA on landing page through leadpages. 

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Landingi provides you with plenty of choices to choose a category that matches your CTA and landing page idea, thus you are most likely to get what you are looking for. A great tool provided by this landing page is the templates they have pre designed. 

The predesigns are all arranged in such a manner that it makes it easier for you to search a design based on the call to action you have for your landing page. These designs can be edited and customised provided you an opportunity to make changes accordingly. 

Seninblue is a very useful and efficient platform that lets you not just build a landing page but along with that also lets you send in through emails, sms and other platforms to the customers are get them to land on your page. Rest of the features for Sendinblue are similar to other landing page builders but also provides – A/B testing and personalisation of templates and other landing pages with multiple options to choose from. 

The most important quality of Instapage which might not be available on other landing page builders is easily and smoothly publishing the landing page directly on WordPress or other website domain builders. It also provides the opportunity to add multistep forms on the landing page so that the details not only fill your  email list but also provide overall details of the prospect to improve conversions. 

Instapage provides its customers with free multiple templates in bulk. These templates are categorized as per the call to action which is aimed by the company. Along, with that Instapage also provides all these templates for free by just signing up for the newsletter or by downloading the app or templates. 

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As a company that has recently been established, it is important to reduce the expenses of the company. Creating a landing page through these websites which offer you an opportunity to create a free website are useful at such times. But along with this it is also important that as a company once you are fully established or have started gaining consumers in the market, you start making a better landing page which is possible by buying the premium subscription of these websites. Apart from these there are multiple other paid landing page builders which offer great services as per the CTA and the company should definitely invest in these things.